AdvancED Accreditation

St. Joan of Arc School is accredited by AdvancED. St. Joan’s has met the standards for:

  • Defining appropriate educational goals and providing education programs to achieve them.
  • Maintaining a qualified faculty and an effective school organization.
  • Assessing outcomes of school experience and controlling the quality of education programs.
  • Responding to concerns of parents and needs of the school community.
  • Providing for the continuity of its programs and planning for the future.
  • Describing with accuracy the content of its services and programs.

Characteristics of an Accredited School

  • It is devoted to a mission. It cares enough about what it does to seek validation by a recognized accreditation authority.
  • It knows itself. The school operated from an examined vision of service to students, family and community.
  • It keeps its promises. An accredited school promises only what it can deliver.
  • It accepts objective evaluation. Outside evaluators who have no prior involvement with the school or its sponsoring authority provide periodic evaluation.
  • It is recognized. Schools accredited by the Commission are listed as accredited schools in a registry available throughout the world.
  • It is self-correcting. Accredited schools demonstrate a capacity to control their own quality.
  • It is student oriented. Its philosophy of education must express what it does for the whole student.
  • It plans for the future. An accredited school continuously has plans that include strategies for anticipated events and goals toward even higher levels of quality.
  • It examines outcomes. Accredited schools continuously obtain and analyze objective evidence on student achievement and growth.
  • It participates in the responsibilities of the academic profession. Accredited schools participate in the self-renewing activity of evaluation and accreditation.

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