Mrs. Wager's Fifth Grade Classroom

Blessed Are the Merciful


As the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.  Colossians 3:13

I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. Matthew 25:35


St. Joan of Arc is continuing to celebrate its 50th Anniversary of proclaiming God’s blessings as we continue God’s work. Christ is our model of showing us how to apply God’s Word in Scriptures to our daily life. We are called by God to spread the Gospel’s message. God opens doors for us, and he gives us opportunities to grow in His love and do His work.

Welcome to 5A!  Fifth graders are growing in their learning and  developing their relationships. We are called to be merciful and practice “Blessed Are the Merciful”.  Our students learn brain based strategies. As a team we work on our strengths and manage areas we need to improve upon. Teaching respect and learning good communication skills helps us foster our friendships and relationships with others. Our brain-compatible strategies in Math reinforce important life skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and using decimals.  The students use the Promethean Boards, dry erase boards, games, calculators, etc.  to learn these skills. Fifth grade focuses on the states and regions of the United States in Social Studies. We explore the different regions. Students learn about the diversity and awesome creations of God’s world.

Here are a few websites for Fifth Grade: Religion-

Math-  Choose the 2005 series.  Our math book has a sunflower on it.

Code for Scholastic Book Club-

Math websites to help with skills  –  and

UK Map Skills

Social Studies – St. Joan of Arc

USA  Geography Games

Origami Revolution

Religion- Discuss Family Life Spiritality Day.

Car Riders, please use Willow Bend Road entrance.

ILA-Spelling Test on Friday of Greek roots ( p 89 )and Latin roots (page 93).  Know one spelling word with those roots. Finish reading Extra Credit by Wednesday, June 7th. Bring a picture for an ILA project    by June 9th.

  Math-  Study Chapter 10-adding and subtracting Fractions with like and unlike denominators. Review putting in  Simplest Form.  Math Test is on Friday .

Social Studies- Festival letter went home May 31st.  More than one child is bringing in an item.  Bring in that item on Thursday, June 8th.

Science –See 5B’s website. Study notes.

Bring  back your Brown Envelope signed.   Food Certificates are available.

Specials for 5A

Monday-Spanish &  Media Center   Tuesday- Art    Wednesday-Computers       Thursday – Gym      Friday- Music