Mrs. McGough’s KA Kindergarten Class

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HI Parents,

We’ve had such a great start to our new school year! Thanks to your support and cooperation with our classroom procedures, everything is going smoothly.

I’d like to thank you for labeling all your child’s items and remembering to send in a towel each Monday for rest time. It’s made things a lot easier in our KA class.

A few reminders for the month:

  1. School is closed on Monday October 9th – Columbus Day.
  2. October 13th is picture day. Please send your child to school in his or her regular school uniform. It will make for a nicer picture than the gym uniform. Your Child may wear sneakers with the school uniform so that the students can still have gym class that day.
  3. If you haven’t already signed up for the annual 5K walk on Oct. 21st, please do so and join us for a great school event! The Classroom with the greatest participation will get a treat!!!!
  4. If you would like to volunteer for any school events or duties throughout the school year, you will need to attend/complete a VIRTUS child safety session. Please contact the school office for more information.
  5. Now that the weather will be getting a bit cooler, it’s a good idea to send your child with a jacket. We will be going out for recess whenever possible.
  6. Please continue to send in your child’s penmanship and phonics homework each Monday. You may highlight any letters your child needs help with, but also encourage him or her to try some letters on their own.
  7. Black & Orange dress down day is October 31st. Your child may wear their favorite black and orange clothes. (No costumes) Please send in any money you would like to donate to the Mission Walk.

Here is a link to Journeys ‘Think Central’ . Please feel free to log in for additional resources and practice.



Dear KA Families and Students,

Welcome to our KA Kindergarten Class! I’m so excited about our upcoming school year and just wanted to give you a few tips and reminders to start the year off right.

Kindergarten starts on Friday, September 8th. All students (including those Kindergarteners that would normally dismiss at 11:30) will be dismissed at 12:30.

Please remember to send your child to school wearing a name tag with your bus number or the words “car rider” or “walker” on it. Please wear this name tag for the first week or two until we have our routine down pat. If for some reason your child’s transportation home will differ from the norm, please put a note in your child’s folder AND contact Mrs. Paradise in the main office. 856-983-0774.  You may also back those up with an email.  ( ) Please do not rely on an email to be the only form of notification for important transportation changes. 

Please send in a snack for our morning Brain Break, and a rest-time towel or small blanket for our afternoon break.  Just send in a towel on Monday (or the first day of the school week) and I will send it home on Friday to get washed over the weekend.  (No pillows please as they do not fit in the cubbies.)

If your child will be buying lunch, please put money or a lunch token in a labeled wallet, envelope or baggie.  (Jane Smith – Lunch Money)  We will collect lunch money first thing in the morning. If your child will be bringing a lunchbox, please label it and check to see that all drinks are tightly sealed.  If you forget to send money or lunchbox, don’t panic. We will see to it that your child gets a lunch. We will put your name on the “charge” list and you can pay the next day. IMPORTANT – PLEASE INFORM ME OF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES!!!

Please label all folders, backpacks, jackets, school sweaters, gym sweatshirts, lunch boxes, nap towels, folders, crayons, pencils, markers, etc.… with your child’s name. A Sharpie marker works best to label these items. Labeling the items that will go in your child’s pencil bag may seem tedious, but it helps us return lost items to their rightful owner.

If you need to contact me, my email address is  . I normally check my email early in the morning by 8:00 – but if you need a quick response to something urgent, please contact Mrs. Paradise in the main office at 856-983-0774, and she will relay the message to me over the classroom intercom.

Please join us Thursday, September 14th at 7pm for our opening PTA Meeting and Monday, September 18th at 7pm for Kindergarten’s ‘Classroom Visitation’. If you are unable to attend that night, we will also have Classroom Visitation on Thursday, September  21st.

KA & KB will be having our Spaghetti Dinner in the cafeteria on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:15. PLEASE JOIN US!  We are hoping every Kindergarten student and their family will attend.  Come meet some of our wonderful St. Joan of Arc Kindergarten families! The students really enjoy this evening together!

I hope you are as excited as I am about our new school year. Can’t wait to see you!

Mrs. McGough  (KA)

Kindergarten Supply List

Pencil Bag- purchased at school. (Please send in $5 via your child’s folder to purchase it by September 11th.) The pencil bag is big enough to hold the following items that you can send in with your child on the first day of school.  We will help your child put the items in their baggies and organize them and place them in the school pencil bag. Please make sure the items are labeled with your child’s name in case they fall on the floor.


3 regular tan #2 pencils

3 fat glue sticks

Pink eraser

Scissors –blunt, not pointy.

Washable Markers – 8 or 10 pack.

Dry Erase Markers – 4 pack

Crayons – 8 pack. Please, nothing bigger yet. I will give students pink, sky blue, light green, and gray when needed in class.

Lunch Box / Wallet

Rest-time Towel or Blanket

Water bottle (9” or less)

2 Two Pocket Folders (one for class/homework and one for Spanish)

1 pack of baby wipes (for clean-up after snack and lunch)

Ear-Buds/Headphones (Please put the Ear-Buds in a labeled baggie.)


Thank you,

Mrs. McGough & Mrs. Marquart KA

See you in September!


If you would like to volunteer for any school events or duties throughout the school year, you will need to attend/complete a VIRTUS child safety session. Please contact the school office to inquire about these classes and times.































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