Welcome To Mrs. Frank's Second Grade Classroom!


                                                             Embracing God’s Universe

God’s Wonders are All Around ~

His Wonderous Works used with permission Doorpost Verses on facebook

God’s wonders are all around,
so many blessings for you to see
just use your imagination . . .
come now take a look with me.

You’ll see one in a sunset,
another when it’s on its rise
casting its beauty upon us
splendor right before our eyes.

You’ll hear one in the finch’s song,
listen to the tune he sings
melodies that takes on flight
soaring high on golden wings.

You’ll smell one in the sweet breeze,
blowing across the garden path
blossoms budding and spilling forth
with the same scents filling up your bath.

You’ll taste one on a Sunday night,
when mom has something in the oven
and the family is gathered all around
to feast on her home cooked lovin.

It’s not too hard to find the blessings,
that comes disguised to us each day
just look past what is expected . . .
and you’ll find them beyond the fray!


Our God is the author of creativity.  He never duplicates His creations.  His gifts are always unique and never average.  We are blessed with God’s gifts and what we do with them is our gift back to  God.


 Many Blessing To My 2A Family!

Wisdom from Mr. Rogers





Classroom Philosophy

  • Every child is  uniquely and wonderfully made by God!
  • Every child’s gifts and  talents are a blessing to our classroom and the world!
  • We are a caring,  loving family that prays for one another, our families, and the  world!

Home Fun Assignments will be given out Monday through Thursday

  • Home Fun will be written on the board daily.  Please sign your child’s home fun assignments.
  • When packing up, students take out the specific books that need to be brought home.
  • Home fun should take no more than 20 minutes a night.
  • Home fun will be written on our class website as backup. 
  • No Assessments on Mondays
  • No home fun on PTA nights or Back to School nights   
  • Student Textbooks Links below(If your child book is in school).Religion: (Sadlier) http://www.webelieveweb.comMath: (Houghton Mifflin) http://www.eduplace.com/math/mw/I.L.A.: ( Houghton Mifflin)                       

    Useful Learning Sites:

  • Math Flashcards
  • Money Flashcards
  • Learning Fractions
  • Math Playground

Schedule For Specials

Monday – Music and Media

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Spanish

Thursday – Gym

Friday – Computers


*Please Remember To purchase Grocery Gift Cards .

Dear Parents,

* On Fridays, if weather permits, we have free play in the afternoon. If you would like to send in a toy for outside, it would be greatly appreciated. (Ex. colored chalk for the boards in the classroom, jump rope, bubbles, nerf balls, etc.) Also you may send in a G Rated movie for those rainy afternoons. After the children finish watching the movie, the movie will be returned to your child. You may also send in a bag of pretzels, or popcorn.

Phone: 856-983-0774
Email: m.frank@stjoansk-8.org

We will be celebrating December birthdays. If parents would like to bring in pretzels or munchkins, please email me and let me know what day you would like to send the snacks in. This ensures that the students may have one treat each day. I want to avoid having too many treats for one day and wasting food.  We can spread out the snacks during the month. You may donate a book, or a game to the class instead of snacks.  If you would like to read a book to the class please email me.




December 22nd- Half day

January 2 school is in session

January 13th Reconciliation 

January 15 -School Closed Martin Luther King

 HOME FUN- December 13-20 Our class in in need of Expo markers, and pencils.
Thank you!
*Test Folder-  Please sign test folder.
 *Religion-Do a kind act at home every day and please include weekends. 
2A will be collecting 
*Grocery Gift  Cards for the poor for Christmas *Due December 15th.
*Reconciliation Book- Please review Act of Contrition prayer on page 43 (Prayer does not have to be memorized.)and review chapters 1-6  Please return the book by January 12. No Assessment
  *Math-Chapter 15th Money * Assessment December 21st
 Please send in 2 dollars in coins in a zip lock baggie  for Chapter 15 (4 quarters , dimes, pennies).  After the assessment ,student will bring their change home, or may donate it to the poor.-Monday- Wednesday- review chapter 15
  *Reading/ Science – Jellies *Assessment December 19th
*Science- Due January 5th -Student will choose to research a planet, stars, the sun, or moon.  Next,  write 5 facts on what he/she has chosen.  Student may type or write their facts. I will provide line paper if the he/she would like to write the facts out. Last, student may bring in a picture,draw a picture, or make a model of what he/she did their report on.
*Chapter 9 Motions in the Sky *Assessment December 20th
Monday-Thursday– Please read /review chapter 9 .  Also review pages D62-D62 (Answers to the questions are in the science copybook.) . Please return the science book December 20th.
 Quote for the week: