Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Classroom

Embrace God's Universe


Embrace God’s Universe


Reading- Read A Diary of A Spider- test Wednesday

Science- Fill in moon chart

Spelling- Spelling Menu- shaving cream test Friday

Math- Study for math test tomorrow


Math- finish odd #’s for the chapter review- test Thursday

Science- Fill in Moon Sheet

Reading- 4 facts- see info from 10/16

Spelling- Spelling Menu- lesson 4 new words – Long O and Long U

Scholastic Book Order due FRIDAY- please purchase on line


Math- Test will be moved to Thursday of this week. We needed a little more review than expected and will complete a few extra activities. I don’t like to rush and I will change the schedule up when I feel they need me too 🙂

Reading- It’s Spider and Insect week- Please find any kind of spider you would like to learn more about. Name the spider and write 4 facts about it. You can do this in your journal- also draw or print a picture of the spider- due Wednesday.

Spelling- Long O and Long U words- no spelling HW this week- we will do activities in school. We will be having a shaving cream test on Friday- Please send in a can of shaving cream if you have it at home. Thank you!

Science- Fill in Moon Chart

Scholastic Book Order Due Friday- class code FMK4N- Please order on line- I do not take checks- thank you! 🙂

Half Day Thursday


Math- Hw book page 18- test Tuesday on Subtraction and Fact families

Reading- Test tomorrow on Dogs

Spelling- test tomorrow on Long a and Long I words hint hint- this was part of our phonics lessons too 🙂

Spelling- Spelling test tomorrow- Please write 4 silly sentences- use as many spelling words in each sentence as you can.



We are moving right along on our 23 days of school 🙂 We have our routine down and the children are very acclimated to our 2nd grade environment. We finished our first round of centers for ILA and Math. We are now headed into our second round. This theme is fall into Math and ILA. We are raking up ABC order, ordering apples, completing leafy synonyms and apple antonyms, Ordering the corn, finding patterns in our pumpkin patch and working in small groups with Mrs. Jones.

We have a new group of spelling words- long a and long i words- look for patterns and phonics connections. Homework will be a little different this week: no spelling menu due to our short week.

Math- we have made it to the middle of the subtraction chapter. Our test will be next Tuesday.

Science- They can’t get enough of our space unit. We are having a blast!!! I would love it if someone was able to send in a package of Oreo cookies. Please e-mail me if you can donate to our class. We will be making the phases of the moon with the icing.


Math- hw book pages 15+16

Reading- Read Dogs- test Friday

Science- Fill in moon chat

Spelling- Complete Journeys notebook page 40


test folders went home today- please sign only tests- Reading, math and spelling test. All other items can stay home 🙂 Thank you, have a great 3 day weekend!


Spelling- Spelling Menu and study for test tomorrow

Science- Fill in moon chart

go outside and play


Math- Hw book pages 13&14

Science- fill in moon chart

Reading- test tomorrow on My Family

Spelling- Complete Spelling Menu & test will be Friday

your children may come home a little dusty- we practiced writing our spelling words  outside with chalk- it comes off in the wash <3


We met our class pet today- It’s cute brown dog and the class named it Cocoa! I can’t wait to see what adventures Cocoa is going to go on with your families- I’m sure Cocoa will have a blast.


Math- Test tomorrow on addition

Reading- My Family- test will be Thursday

Spelling- new words – Short O,U, E sounds they can be found on page 25 in the Journey’s Notebook- please complete a spelling Menu activity- test will be on Friday

Science- Don’t forget to fill in the Moon for each night for the month- you can always google nights that you missed.



Math- study for addition test on Tuesday- study guide is the chapter review from last night. We checked it today 🙂

Science- Moon Log- fill in what type of moon is outside tonight. We are doing this every night for the week.


Math- Chapter review page- odd numbers only. They completed the even numbers in class today. Test Tuesday on Addition chapter.


Sorry for all of the confusion on the Think Central site- it’s a learning process for us all. Please don’t forget that we are the school district of the Diocese of Trenton and then we are St. Joan of Arc

My Library- go into Student ebook- that will have the entire story- hit page view and go to double page to read it as a book on your screen. Journeys Student Notebook will have the spelling words and it is the same exact book as the one they brought home last week. The Re-telling picture cards are a great way to study for the test, they stir up some great comprehension questions you can use. Decodable readers are there for struggling readers. I encourage you to visit every tab on the site, it will help you or give you access to anything you can use. It really is a great tool to have. We will try this again and if it is still not working for you I will be glad to send the book home. I also gave the students a tutorial ad they also have it down pat….probably better than I do.. ha!!!

Spelling and reading test tomorrow

Math page 11



Math- HW book pages 7&8

Reading- Test Wednesday on Henry and Mudge please see access

login 2bstudent

password- sja2B2017 *please make sure the B is a capital letter

My Library- then student resources- student book- Henry and Mudge-

You will also see the spelling words listed as well.

If you are unable to login I will send home a reader, please send me an e-mail. Thank you and God Bless

Spelling- Spelling Menu- test Wednesday- complete hw in ILA notebook

Some students need to finish classwork from the past two weeks- I sent it home today to get completed. Thank you so much 🙂 I need to get home their weekly folders for you.

We will have our SUPERHERO day tomorrow- we didn’t want to leave anyone out and some students were sick. We will be doing this tomorrow even if everyone is not present.



Math- HW book page 6

Spelling- Chose one spelling Menu activty


HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY- greetings from Mrs. Black Leg Bess

We are having a blast celebrating this day. We started off our day by picking our pirate name and making name tags. Ask your child their pirate name. We also made pirate hats, brainstormed “ar” words and wrote in our journals about “If I Were A Pirate”. Their ideas are so cute. Some ideas were: Make people walk the plank, teach them to brush their teeth, help them count their gold, and have a treasure hunt. We read How I Became A Pirate, Pirates Go To School, and Are Pirates Polite?


Spelling menu- it is located in their green folder. Pick one thing to do tonight and complete all work in their Centers/ ILA notebook. Their spellings words can be found on page 4 of the Readers Notebook. Their Spelling HW is in the back of their notebook- please label the activity of it is something I can not physically see but they completed it at home with you. Cross off the activity and please sign their HW- also don’t forget to sign their assignment book. Thank you.


Spelling Homework 9-19  Fun Materials- we wrote our words with sidewalk chalk-

Mrs. Jones

Math- Homework book pages 4 & 5- there are only 5 problems.


We had a great day- Nothing new to add to our assignment book so we did not write in it nor do you have to sign it.

Take your time covering your books- no rush 🙂


  1. Me Bag due tomorrow
  2. Fill out and complete Superkid poster- this is due Monday
  3. We will be having Superhero Day next Friday- Please bring in a plastic table cloth of their choosing (for their cape) by 9/21- We will become Superhero sentence makers 🙂 I will make their capes at school.
  4. Next Tuesday 9/19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day- we will have many activities focused and centered around the er- sound- we will also have fun in the classroom talking like pirates.
  5. There is no rush to cover books- Math homework book and handwriting book are being sent home today- Just get them covered whenever you can. It’s always crazy this time of year. I don’t want to put a limit on it but please get to it whenever you can.


We had a great first full day!!!

Please cover Religion book and assignment book with clear contact paper

We read The Invisible Boy and made connections that related to our world and ourselves. We will spend time on this story this week. It is a fantastic book and I recommend you to read it 🙂 It sure does tug on your heart strings.

Hello 2B families,

I am so blessed to be your child’s teacher this year. I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing a wonderful year with you. Second grade is a fantastic year with many life long experiences that will forever leave a mark on their heart.

1.Please check your child’s folder

2. Check brown envelope

3. See you all Thursday 9/14 at the PTA meeting






Scholastic CODE- Class code FMK4N


Enrichment schedule-

Monday- Computer

Tuesday- Music



Friday-Gym   e-mail me anytime for any questions you may have










Click on a links below to practice various math skills!

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That’s a Fact! – Game to practice basic facts

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Go on a spending sp ree! A game about money
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Explore Area and Perimeter (3rd Grade) ths/perimeter_and_area/index.html

Explore Geometry and use trangrams to make different animals and objects! ase/games/area/tangram.html

Practice locating coordinates on a grid. Guide Billy Bug to the coordinates of the hidden grub! (3rd)
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Fold the shapes to determine how many lines of sym metry! ties/y ear 3/symmetry/shape_game.asp

Click on your grade level to practice many different math skills **PreKindergarten through 6th Grade Math**
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