Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Classroom

Blessed Are the Merciful


Blessed are the Merciful


Reading- Red,White and Blue test tomorrow

Soc.St- Finish Symbols book

Math- Hw book page 56

Spelling- Spellers Choice


Reading- Read- Red, White and Blue- test Wednesday

Math- HW book page 57

Spelling- words with the same sound as in /fall/ write words 2x’s each in your best print- this is done in ILA notebook

Field Day is Friday


Read- Red, White, and Blue– we are also learning about the 13 Colonies for Social Studies with this unit.

Math- Chapter test tomorrow-please complete the Chapter Review

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test tomorrow



Math- Test moved to Thursday- HW book page 148

Reading-test tomorrow on Cowboys- Finish your Cowboy classwork if needed- new story will be started tomorrow- Red, White, and Blue.

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test Thursday


Math- Hw book page 147- test Wednesday on three digit subtraction- we are also working on our Spring review centers and fractions- ask them about our friends Miss Numerator and Mr. Denominator-

ILA- Read Cowboys- test Wednesday- this will also be Social Studies Grade- we will be introducing the 13 colonies when we start our next story- Red, White and Blue

SECRET SECRET SECRET- please bring in the item that was sent home to you last week – remember…this is fun STEM learning and activities that I have planned out for the last weeks of school- the kids don’t know and they will be super excited. Thank you for all of your help 🙂

Speling- /f/ consonant sounds- new May spellers choice was sent home today- please complete a fun activity- test will be Thursday

We are finishing up our plant unit this week


What a beautiful celebration we had on Saturday. The class was amazing-their singing brought pure joy to my heart. It was a blessed day.

No HW this week-

Please bring in or e-mail me a picture of your child dressed in their communion outfit. This is for a project we are working on.

Scholastic Book Order due Wednesday-code at the bottom of this page


Our blessed retreat day is tomorrow- please bring a towel- the students will be having a picnic lunch. I am looking forward to spending time with the children as they prepare for their special day. God Bless them and thank you for helping them on the journey of their faith. God Bless all of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and Godparents, who have helped them on this journey.


Science- Finish classwork- parts of the flower for our flower project

Reading- We started a new story-it’s play- the kids will be performing for their prayer partners (no test)

Math- 3 digit subtraction with regrouping- HW book page 145


May 1, 2015

Reading- Reading test for One Dark Night on Wednesday

Math- test tomorrow on 3 digit addition with and without regrouping

Spelling- test tomorrow- Please write 6 sentences- use as many spelling words as you can for each sentence- Make sure the sentences still make sense- Underline your words with marker.

Science- Some students need to finish classwork- vocabulary and definitions- create flower


Happy Easter


No Homework

Classwork needs to be completed for some students- They need to work on their poetry-

Wear Regular Uniform- pack a lunch and bring a snack tomorrow- cafeteria will NOT be open tomorrow.


Religion- We are so very excited to receive Jesus for the very first time next week- We have been practicing and working very hard. God Bless their hearts- they are so excited!

Math- Hw book page 143- Chapter test Tuesday on 3 digit addition with regrouping- we are also working on centers for review- odd even, time, money, number order, word problems, and place value. Spring into Math- very cute to go with the season.

ILA- finishing up our Poetry books

Reading- One Dark Night

Spelling- Spellers choice- test Friday



I hope you all had a blessed Palm Sunday


Math- Hw book page 139

Go outside and Play

Remember movie money and permission slip

Bring in items for Cradles to Crayons


Reading- Helen Keller test tomorrow + finish Tornado classwork- chapter 7 questions and vocabulary

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test tomorrow

Science- Finish making your Tornado man from class if you haven’t done so yet


Math- HW book page 95- Money Unit test on Thursday

Things to study- counting coins- adding and subtracting money, coins that add up to a dollar, Do you have enough money to purchase a product- making change with nickels and pennies-(other coins are in the book but not in our curriculum-we will be skipping those pages)

Science- weather vocabulary quiz- study vocabulary and know the water cycle- evaporation, condensation, and precipitation- have them sing their song 🙂 I’m a Little Rain Drop

Reading- Read Chapter 6- Tornado Helen Keller Test will be on Friday- we watched Animated Classics on Helen Keller today- we will be watching the Miracle Worker next week with popcorn- On Friday the children will be blind folded and have to guess what the object is using their other senses.

Writing- Tornado Tongue Twisters- April is also poetry month. The students will be writing different types of poems this month- lots of fun writing craftivities to go along with their poems.

Religion- working on the parts of the mass- Receive the body and blood of Christ- parts of the Church and their meanings- working in small groups for the reading for this wee and discussing main topic presented- The Raising of Lazarus


Happy April

Reading- Read Helen Keller and the Big Storm- test Friday

Math- HW book pages 93+94- test on Thursday for money unit

Spelling- new spellers choice for April- please complete spellers choice- prefixes

Science- quiz on weather vocab Wednesday


Reading- We have started our new novel Tornado the students were so excited to begin this new story- we read chapters 1&2

Yesterday we brainstormed what Storms- Are, Can and Have- we researched more information about tornados- we discussed high pressure and low pressure- Upward Drafts and Downward drafts. We also researched where Tornado Alley was located on a map and discussed why that particular area gets the most amount of Tornados – tomorrow we will be making a tornado inside of a jar for our science experiment

In ILA we discussed two Literary Devices- Point of View and Onomatopoeia- Words that represent sounds- We wrote a booklet- What the Weather Said- Example- The Rain went Drip-Drop- then they illustrated their drawings.

Science quiz next Wednesday on vocabulary for weather

Math- money unit- using the least amount of coins- Hw page 92- Unit test on Money will be next Thursday

Spelling- Spellers Choice tonight- shaving cream test is tomorrow 🙂 Please finish pages for this unit


3/27 Religion- Lenten Liturgy  will be this Wednesday- our small groups in the classroom have been going great- they discuss the questions from this week’s reading which was Jesus heals the blind man. Today they discussed what it must have been like for the man to be bind and then how did he feel when Jesus gave him back his sight- Their discussion were very sweet and endearing with one another.

Math- Chapter 15 money- hw book page 90- practice counting money

ILA- Read I Like Where I Am– test Wednesday- We finished Aril Fool’s Frogs- the kids loved it!

Science- unit on weather- practice the water cycle and review- sing song 🙂 Since we are doin our unit on weather our next story in the reader is Helen Keller and the Big Storm- we are also starting another novel unit- the book is called Tornado – we will be starting that novel mod week and reading it in both reading and science- along with tornado activities- We will be making a tornado in a soda bottle for our science experiment this week.

Spelling- write the words three times each- test Thursday will be shaving cream test day 🙂


The class pictures are not going home today because  there was a mistake on ours- Tipping is fixing the issue and they will be delivered back in a few weeks.

Math Chapter review pages 403-404- We are not taking a test yet on a unit of money- there are two chapters and we will be taking the test after the second chapter is complete.

Reading- 1.We read chapter 7&8 together in literature Circle groups- the kids read, discussed and asked great questions about the chapter to one another- they were awesome- Pease answer comprehension questions chapter 5-8 only- Most did get to start in school.

2. Read new story- I like Where I am

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test Friday


Math- Hw book page 88

Reading- Study for Frog test tomorrow and complete classwork if needed

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test Friday


We are staring a new unit in science on Weather, Rainbows, and Clouds

Right now we are starting off  with different types of weather and weather patterns-tomorrow we are completing a science experiment- how it rains- the kids are going to “watch” the rain come out of a cloud  inside of a mason jar- also- ask them to show you their song and dance to “I’m a Little Raindrop”- This unit will tie into our ILA curriculum- two stories form now we will be reading Helen Keller and the Big Storm from our reader along with a new novel that I purchased from scholastic (thanks for the bonus points 🙂 Tornado it’s a story about a little boy and his dog.

Reading- we are finishing up our mini unit on Frogs- the students will be taking their test Wednesday- we are also loving our novel April Fools Frogs-we can’t wait to find out what a gowk is???? We love how the Calendar Club makes us feel like we are detectives in their club. Please read Chapter 6 at home and finish Chapter 1-4 questions- Their answers need to be in complete sentences.

Math- Math HW book page 87 and Mystery Picture #6- most finished during class time- please work at home on money- some are struggling counting a bit- 5’s, 10’s 🙂 They’ll get it!

Spelling- new words are found on page 77- please complete Spellers choice- ONLY ONE NIGHT A WEEK CAN THEY DO PLAIN JANE 🙂  Thank you- please sigh HW each night.


Math- Hw book page 86 and mystery picture #4

Reading- Read April Fools Frogs chpt. 3&4- Frog test is WEDNESDAY not Tuesday..sorry for the mistake yesterday

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test tomorrow


Math- Hw book page 85 and finish mystery picture 3- (it is a candle) when they finish

Reading- Read Frogs- test Tuesday

Spelling- ABC order- test Friday


March 13, 2017

Reading- We are reading about the Life Cycle of the Frog – comparing and contrasting frogs and toads and reading a novel together- The Case of the April Fool’s Frogs–  Calendar Club series-this is being done in small group with Mrs. Jones- Please read the story from the reader tonight.

Math- new unit on Money- Please practice counting coins at home- Hw book page 84- We are also singing, rapping, and dancing our hearts out to as many math money counting songs as we can- Hope they can show you a few 🙂

Spelling- New unit- “Oi” “Oy” words- Spellers choice tonight

Happy March and Happy Ash Wednesday- may this season of Lent bring you many blessings..

Please review telling time and counting change

Math- HW book page 82- checking subtraction using addition- test Friday

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test Friday


Math- Hw book page 81- you only need to re-write and subtract- please don’t worry about telling me how you subtracted- I would rather them just be able to show me. Test Friday

Reading- Test tomorrow on the Quilt Story– Amazing words- We will not be starting a new story this week- Terra Nova tests are next week- We will begin a novel that we will read together in class- Chocolate Fever we have a lot of fun with it and complete many engaging activities- it usually take about 2 weeks to complete. It is also a good way to break up the monotony of the reader.

Spelling- Spellers Choice- test Friday


One, Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Happy Mixed-Up Monday– we have many fun things planned this week for Read Across America- Today we read Green Eggs and Ham and completed a center – match up the green eggs and ham homophones- ILA- mixed up sentences- We did a Seuss match up for a sentence scramble. Tomorrow- we have a few Seuss math centers for a fun afternoon- if anyone has a bag of colored fish crackers that they would like to send in tomorrow that would be great!  BRING IN YOUR FAVORITE DR. SEUSS BOOK

Spelling- New spellers choice was sent home today for March- please complete an activity for HW- we are working on ou/ow words- Test Friday

Science- We had a  great day on Friday and we were so blessed Dr. Esposito could come in and discuss dental health with the children- I hope you all saw the goodie bags that were sent home 🙂 Please review vocabulary at home

Reading- Quilt story- test Wednesday- with Amazing words

Math- Hw book page 80- Chapter 13 test Friday



Math HW book page 79 and test prep pages 113-114

Read- The Quilt Story- test Wednesday vocabulary will be given tomorrow

Science- Review Dental vocabulary


Go Subtraction!!!!

1.More on the floor- go next door and get ten more 2. numbers the same-zeros the game 3. More on the top, no need to stop-

Don’t forget about my main man addition:

  1. 9 or less, let it rest- 2. 10 or more- carry next door  Please review these songs- let them sing and dance their little hearts out- the more the review the more they will look at their ones column and know what to do-
  2. We just started the second chapter that goes along with subtraction and regrouping- we take our time to really learn the concepts- I also go back with them and review
  3. Tonight a “test prep review” was sent home- pages 463+464 we did TIME  but we haven’t gotten to money yet-It’s review from 1st grade- there are some money questions on the pages..please practice at home- You will also see us working on basic multiplication and division concepts. We will be doing this first thing in the morning. A lot of what we will be covering will be arrays and how to set up the equations.

We have about two weeks until Terra Nova so you will see review pages coming home- this review is good for reflection and brain strategies.

Reading- New Story- The Quilt Story

No Spelling this week

Science- review dental vocabulary


Math- finish review page- test tomorrow

Reading- A Weed Is A Flower- tomorrow and amazing words

Spelling- test tomorrow

Dress down day tomorrow Red, White and Blue


Hw book page 76- test Friday- Finish classwork flap book if needed

Reading- A Weed Is A Flower– test Friday with Amazing words

Spelling- Sentences due tomorrow- Test Friday

Red, White, & Blue Dress down day Friday

Bring your lunch day- cafeteria closed- Night of the Races set up

Night of The Races Friday evening- Get your tickets!! 🙂

Food Pantry item needed


Valentine’s Day and Dress Down day

Math- Hw book page 75 & color song book

Spelling- “oo” “u” words- Sentence writing- Write one sentence for each word- Please take your time and try to think of “second grade” sentences- Start them in different ways- use different types of sentences- telling/asking/exclamation

Science quiz tomorrow on the heart

*Please bring in canned goods or non-perishable food items for our local food pantry- the shelves are bare- please help in any way you can. God Bless <3


Science quiz moved to Tuesday

Valentine’s Day celebration on Tuesday- please bring in Valentine’s for everyone in the class- we have 23 students- On Monday we will be making our Valentine Mail Boxes! Tuesday is a red/pink/white dress down day

Math- Chapter 12 test Thursday

We began a new story- A Weed Is A Flower– the life story of Dr. George Washington Carver- We have an entire unit for Black History month that will connect with our social studies unit. We have discussed- Ruby Bridges, Dr. Carver, Henry “Box” Brown- ask you child about Henry- they were very touched and saddened by his story. Some of the other people in history we will be learning about is Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. We are also incorporating a children’s book- The Crayon Box that Talked– it’s a great book about differences but when we come together we can make a masterpiece. I encourage you to have discussions about this month at home with your children.

Scholastic book order for February is due next Friday- the class code it at the bottom of this hw page- it’s always there in case you need when you order on-line. Please- no checks or cash- thank you!!!


100th Day of school Celebration tomorrow- Dress down day- something 100 or dress up like you are 100 years old!!!

Math- hw book page 74

Spelling- 15 sentences due Thursday- test Friday- *one sentence per word- we are working on our writing 🙂

Science- Quiz Friday on the Heart- they have all of their heart vocabulary in their “heart”


Spelling- “le” words- Something new this month- taking a break from Spellers Choice because I feel that the children need work on their sentences/writing- They are to write one sentence for each spelling word- 15 in all- do a few each night- this can be done in ILA notebook- it is due Thursday- test Friday

Reading- Rosa and Blanca test tomorrow

Math- HW book pg 73

Science quiz Friday on the Heart

Wednesday is the 100th Day of School- I am a little thrown off with time this year- School Wide it is dress down day but if the kids so chose they can also dress up like they are 100 Years Old. We will have a Day of activities and centers focused around the 100th Day of School



Scholastic CODE- Class code FMK4N


Enrichment schedule-

Monday- Computer

Tuesday- Library/Music



Friday-Gym   e-mail me anytime for any questions you may have



God Bless you all- I am so excited for the new adventures we will take together. I can’t wait to meet you all at back to school night. See you soon!


Be sure to look in your child’s take home folder (green) for any papers that need to be filled out and returned to school.

The students have been asked to make a “Me Bag” that they can share with the class- this is due Wednesday 🙂  they will take turns sharing throughout the week- Instructions are in their folders- Have a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to spend the week with all of their smiling faces.







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