Educational Services Unit of Burlington County

Jen Powell, Blair Mahan, Kathy O'Malley, Jen Santana

The Educational Services Unit employees assigned to St. Joan of Arc work together with the staff of St. Joan’s to meet the educational needs of students who qualify for compensatory, supplemental and speech/language services.   ESU strives to support and supplement the teachers and curriculum in the non-public school setting. Our goal is to meet the new and emerging needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

Student needs are assessed to determine and implement support strategies in the classroom.  Eligibility for compensatory education in Reading, Writing or Math is determined by standardized test scores and other supportive measures.  Students with Individualized Service Plans are additionally supported by accommodations and modifications specific to their needs.

We have been fortunate to be working with St. Joan’s dedicated staff for several years.  Together, we work toward meeting the unique challenges that our students face in their classrooms and curriculum.  This is often a challenge, but one that is attainable when we are working as a team. 


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