Mrs. Appalucci's Computer Technology Classroom

Embrace God’s Universe


At St. Joan of Arc, we teach our students that they are all disciples of Jesus.  Everything the student does or says should be a reflection of Him.  Whether it is in the classroom or at home, on the computer, we are His disciples.

In computer class, our students learn how to use all aspects of the computer responsibly.  The children learn that technology is not only a gift, but a valuable tool.  At all times, this gift and tool should be treated with the utmost respect.  When used properly, this technology allows our students the opportunity to research at greater lengths to enhance academic achievement.  The computer can be a very valuable resource for a child’s educational experience.

Each student visits the computer lab for class on a weekly basis.  Students are assigned their own computer to work on their assignments.

Learning proper typing skills is an essential part of the Technology Curriculum here at St. Joan of Arc School.  Students learn the necessary fundamentals on how to type and the importance of the home row keys on the keyboard.  These skills are learned with the assistance of the typing program, “Typing Master.”

Along with typing, students are taught other skills during their time here at St. Joan of Arc:

  • Kindergarteners focus on mouse skills and various computer skills using the program “Kid Pix.”
  • First Graders focus on the basics of Microsoft Word, creating a document, inserting clipart, and saving and opening a document.
  • Second Graders continue to focus on Microsoft Word and are introduced to the basics of Microsoft Power Point.
  • Sixth Graders continue to broaden their skills of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and use their creativity to make their own movies in Windows Movie Maker.  This is all done under their own user name which is linked to our school network.
  • Seventh Graders continue to broaden their skills of Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Word and Excel.  This is all done under their own user name which is linked to our school network.  Our Seventh Graders are the publishers of our school wide Literary Magazine.

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