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Embrace God's Universe through Technology!

Technology for Grades K – 3 – 4 – 5 – 8

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We are so proud of our Technology!

We will begin our year with the Netsmartz online safety program.  This program is grade level appropriate for all students and is an extension of our Mission Statement.  Throughout the curriculum, responsible behavior online, as well as all other areas of communication using technology, is expected from all students and a living example of our Catholic Identity.

Kindergarten will use KidPix to develop strong hand/eye coordination skills, continue their journey to letter recognition and bring God’s Universe into their computer activities.

Third Grade will begin the exciting journey to network access and development of file management skills with their new user ids and passwords.

Fourth Grade will continue to develop their Spreadsheet skills and take on more advanced presentations.  They will become TypingMasters!

Fifth Grade will also continue to develop their Spreadsheet skills and prepare to cross applications.

We will expand our keyboarding skills through the utilization of TypingMaster software with Grades 4 and 5 completing the keyboard and Grade 8 will also master the numeric keypad –   Wow!

Third Grade

Students receive User Ids and Passwords – allowing students to have their own “network drive” for document storage affording them the ability to access their work throughout the campus.  This privilege requires a commitment to school policies as well as comprehension of responsible behavior/consequences.

Growth of skills utilizing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  Students build confidence and a strong skill base in document creation, formatting, and editing.  Animation and basic spreadsheet skills are introduced.

Fourth Grade

Students further their Microsoft application skills to master document creation.  They continue to advance in animation and presentation skills.  Microsoft Publisher will be added to their acumen.

Community Construction Kit software is used to enhance spatial awareness, strengthen communication and problem solving skills through the construction of a Lenape Village or Colonial Community.  Students work in peer groups to construct their “Village” including structures and inhabitants.  This long term project culminates in a presentation of their community.

 Fifth Grade

Students refine their skills using Microsoft applications to complete more challenging tasks utilizing critical thinking skills.  Long term projects are an important part of the fifth grade curriculum.  With information from the Social Studies curriculum:  Microsoft Excel is used for calculations and to develop charting skills; data is then exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint for animation and presentation and movie making for the “My Day” finale.  This allows students to compare applications and determine which is “best suited” for their needs.

A Holiday audio recording on CD, including design of case insert and disc label, a beloved keepsake was a wonderful gift for parents!

Eighth Grade

Students will complete the TypingMaster curriculum and master the numeric keypad.  Microsoft Access and Publisher offer  additional transferable skills in preparation for High School.  Students will utilize and further build on previously attained technology skills in spreadsheet, presentation and complicated document formats.  Internet and Social Media acceptable use is paramount to our technology utilization.  Use of IPad technology will be introduced.

Students will transfer their application skills to a different platform – Google Docs – this will allow them to develop stronger decision making skills and allow them to become more independent in their digital existence.

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