Bienvenidos A La Clase De Español


 Please remember to bring in any supplies for Spanish class listed on the school supply list.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade – 1 folder for Spanish only.

2nd Grade – 1 folder and 1 copybook.  You may share these with Music class.

3rd Grade 5th Grade – 1 folder and 1 copybook.  You may share these with Music class.  If you would like to use your copybook and/or folder from last year, you can.

6th grade – 1 brand new composition notebook(NO SPIRAL) and 1 folder.  If you have an accordion folder, one of the sections can be used for Spanish.

7th – 8th Grade – Remember that I have your Spanish books from last year.  If you are new, please bring in a brand new composition book (NO SPIRAL).  If you have an accordion folder for all your classes, you can use one section for Spanish.

Spanish class provides students with the opportunity to read, write, and speak Spanish in a challenging and creative atmosphere. Students learn the language and are given the chance to study Spanish culture through music, history and everyday tradition.

Those who know nothing of a foreign language, know nothing of their own.  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Change your language and change your thoughts.  ~ Karl Albrecht

There are hundreds of language in the world, but a smile speaks them all.  ~  Unknown

The limit of my language means the limit of my world.  ~  Ludwig Wittgenstein

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