Reporting System


A variety of assessments may be used to evaluate each child’s progress, e.g. tests, cooperative learning experiences, portfolios.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are issued about four weeks ahead of report cards. They are a means to report how your child is progressing or to have a “warning” to both student and parents that there is a possibility of a failure on the report card for a particular subject. The student is responsible for bringing the report home to be signed and for returning it to the homeroom teacher by the required date. (Gr. 6-8)

Report Cards

Report cards are issued on a trimester basis and reflect a student’s class participation, home study, test averages as well as credit for projects done within an eight week period. No child will fail who is doing his/her best work. If a failure is issued, students will be deprived of participation in our extra-curricular activities until the failure is brought up to a passing grade. Parents are asked to review all reports carefully and return the envelope to school (Trimester 1 & 2).

Parent-Teacher Conferences

There are times scheduled throughout the year for conferences to discuss your child’s progress and have questions answered. You are also encouraged to call the office at any time to set up an appointment with the teacher should a problem arise.

Genesis Parent Portal

St. Joan of Arc School, as well as all schools in the Diocese of Trenton, utilizes the Genesis Grade Reporting System.  A Parent Portal is part of this web-based program for children in Grades 3 to 8, to which you now have access.  The link below will take you to the Parent Portal.

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