Mrs. Marchisello’s Fourth Grade Classroom

Merciful God, make me an instrument of your peace.


gold background prayerSJA  Celebrating 51 Years of Catholic School Education


 Welcome 4A Students and Parents,

The fourth grade program will provide an interactive classroom learning experience, as well as, many positive and challenging opportunities for your child to grow and learn in a God-centered environment. This school year,  I will be teaching my students to recognize and develop their own God-given talents, so that they will be able to meet the challenges of a fourth grade student .

The fourth grade curriculum is provided for you on this website. I encourage you to refer to this guide throughout the school year so that developmental learning can take place both inside and outside our classroom. Our children are always engaged in the learning process whenever they experience a new game, learn a dance, instrument, or song, or while taking a family walk along a beach or nature trail.  Your children expand their visions of the world around us whenever the visit a Cathedral, museum, historical site, and a local farm or library. All of these enriching family activities, along with encouraging their passions, will help your child come to school intellectually active and ready to share their interests with their classmates.

Thank you for visiting with us on the web! Your family’s faith, interest and concern shows how much you care and value Catholic School Education for your child. May our dear Lord bless and guide us as we teach our children to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, to continue His Mission, and find joy in the gift of sharing in God’s mercy.


Mrs. Marchisello


Learning at home can be fun !!!!!!

Check out these Math and Science Websites!

1.Practice all kinds of math skills.

 2.NASA Space Education

3.National Geographic Explorer Science Magazine    

1.September Student Password      frog

2.October Student Password           fang

3.November Student Password      wander

4. January/February Password     snow 

5. March  Password    leopard

 5. Science Research Sites

Student Textbooks Links

Religion: (Sadlier)

Math: (Houghton Mifflin)

I.L.A.: (Reading Street) – Level 4

Social Studies: (Afton Publishing)

Science: (Houghton Mifflin)







                                                 HOMEWORK !   IT’S LIFEWORK


           LET’S  PRACTICE,  PREPARE , APPLY, AND INTEGRATE LEARNING                                                                                              

1. Religion     This Week’s Liturgy!

 2 Science :  Science  

**SCIENCE  STUDY SKILLS (HOMEWORK) Students are instructed to write new SCIENCE VOCABULARY WORDS and draw a picture of this concept on the blank side of an Index card. On the side with lines, rewrite this new vocabulary word with its definition. Remember to put your vocabulary cards in the envelope on the inside cover of your copybook.    Study and learn these new concepts to prepare for class and upcoming tests.

*** Students, check out the National Geographic Interactive Magazine provided for you and your families on this homepage !!



4.   SOCIAL STUDIES :  SEE 4B’S webpage  


5.   Integrated Language Arts   


(As discussed in class)  Try these Strategies for learning your most challenging new spelling words . 1. Pyramid Spelling  2. Color Coding vowels and consonants when you practice writing new spelling words.  

Anthology Reading: 

Critical Thinking Skills:

 Oral Speaking :





SPANISH / Monday 

GYM  / HEALTH        Tuesday  (Gym Uniform)

TECHNOLOGY / Media Center   Wednesday

ART        Thursday  

 MUSIC     Friday    


4A  Class  Reminders:    

” Let us do small things with great love!”  St. Theresa of Calcutta  












Car Rider Families,

 For the safety of our children please use the Willow Bend entrance for both Morning and Afternoons . Thank you