School Subjects


St. Joan of Arc is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. All instruction centers around our school philosophy of teaching the “whole” child while adapting teaching methods to various learning styles. Our curriculum has been structured to recognize “Multiple Intelligences” in children. St. Joan of Arc School supports the most up-to-date research on “Brain Compatible Learning”. The understanding of how the human brain learns enables both teacher and student to engage in activities most conducive to a positive learning experience.

Religious Education

Religious Education is taught as an academic subject each day. However, Religion is not only a subject, but the very essence of our being. Opportunities are provided for the children to attend Liturgy on a monthly basis and paraliturgies several times throughout the year.

Integrated Language Arts

St. Joan of Arc School incorporates an Integrated Language Arts program which enables children to enhance their reading skills while developing writing skills in all academic areas.


Mathematics is taught in an environment that encourages critical thinking skills which support the curriculum and evaluation standards of The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Science is taught through an understanding of the scientific method and practical hands-on experience. Children are taught the interconnectedness of living and non-living things, and develop an awareness that they are the care takers of God’s world.

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum strives to cultivate a Christian respect for the differences in culture in our global community. By integrating skills in relationship to history, geography, citizenship, economics and humanities our students develop an appreciation for the past, recognize contributions of the present, and are motivated to participate as active citizens of our world.


Art Education is taught in all grades using Discipline Based Art Education. This includes fine art processes, art history, and analysis of art and aesthetics. Opportunities are provided to develop and enhance fine motor skills, elements of perspective, and creative expression.


The Music Education curriculum at St. Joan of Arc is structured to assist our children in developing and enhancing their appreciation of different styles of music, both vocal and instrumental, by providing basic music skills. Hymns and religious songs are integrated into the music program. The study of music history and principles connects with different areas of the curriculum.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught on all grade levels with the emphasis on good sportsmanship, interpretation and recalling skills. Our program provides activities that enable a child to build strength, endurance and agility.

World Language

The World Language curriculum at St. Joan of Arc School is taught to all grade levels. Spanish class provides students with the opportunity to read, write and speak Spanish in a challenging and creative atmosphere. Students learn the language and are give the chance to study Spanish culture through food, music, history and everyday tradition.

Computer Technology

The focus of the Computer Technology program at St. Joan of Arc School is to provide basic computer skills instruction while integrating the use of technology into all areas of the academic curriculum. It is our belief that computers enable children of all learning styles and abilities to achieve. Computers not only provide the availability of expansive content information, but allow children the opportunity for exploration while encouraging higher levels of thinking. With the availability of state-of-the-art equipment, children engage in an optimal learning experience while acquiring the basic skills necessary to survive in our ever developing society.

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