School Information

School Hours

Regular School Day: 8:20 A.M. – 2:50 P.M.
Early Dismissal: 8:20 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.
Half Day Kindergarten: 8:20 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

Emergency Closing

School closings due to inclement weather or other reasons, will be announced by the following:
Radio station KYW-1060 (school #682).
If Lenape District TV announces Evesham Schools, this will include St. Joan of Arc School. Channel 3 News and the Honeywell Instant Alert System.


Anyone entering the school building must report directly to the school office. No person will be allowed to enter the building without adhering to this procedure.



This VIRTUS program for Protecting God’s Children is mandated by the Diocese of Trenton to provide a Safe Environment for our children.  “Protecting God’s Children” is the VIRTUS program for protecting children from child sexual abuse.  VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies the best practices program designed to prevent “wrong doing” and promote “right doing” within religious organizations. To register for a session: go to

Attendance Policy

Consistent, punctual attendance is necessary for children to do well at St. Joan of Arc School. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to send their children to school so that they arrive before the 8:15 bell. A child is late if he/she arrives after the bell rings at 8:20 AM Late comers must stop at the nurse’s office for a late slip. No student may enter a classroom without a late slip which will adm it him/her to class.


On the first day of an absence a parent/guardian is requested to phone the nurse’s office before 9:30 a.m. Phone calls may be made at any time. Please leave your message on the answering machine (856) 983-0078. A note is required even though a phone call has been made.


Following an absence, a student must present a note of explanation to the teacher. This note is to be written and signed by the parent or guardian.


Discipline Policy

The purpose of discipline in a Catholic school is to bring about the self discipline of each indivi dual and o f the Cath olic school c ommunity as a whole, so that their actions promote the Chris tian development of each member and thereby enhance the c ommunity.


Discipline at St. Joan of Arc School is part of a teaching/learning process. It is a constructive process to guide and develop the attitudes of our students so that they may achieve the highest possible standards of Christian behavior and cooperation. In keeping with the regulations of the Diocese of Trenton, St. Joan’s discipline policy is developed in a positive manner being primarily diagnostic and remedial rather than punitive.


Students are expected to respect themselves and others. Any individual’s actions that deter Christian development, as well as demonstrate socially or morally undesirable behavior will be considered by St. Joan of Arc School to be injurious to the we ll being of both the ind ividual and the community. Each student is expected to follow the individual teacher’s classroom policy.


Inappropriate behavior warrants disciplinary actions (student-teacher conference, parent-teacher telephone conference, parent-teacher-student conference, detention, suspension, or expulsion). NOTE: Because discipline is not an easy area to deal with, and clean cut rules and regulations cannot always apply, we reserve the right to exercise good judgement, in keeping with our Christian standards, in all disciplinary situations.


Library Policy

The school library is open to every student at a specified time during the school day. The student who signs for a book is responsible for it. That student cannot lend it to any other student. Library books may be kept for one week. If a book is lost, the student will be charged the cost of the book.



Our school office is supplied with bus application forms in the early spring from the local sending school districts. When received, these are distributed to the children and should be filled out as soon as possible. Changes to other routes are not permitted unless there is a grave emergency and parents make arrangements with Evesham Township Transportation (856) 983-1800.



Children who are walkers are expected to follow school safety policy. They are to walk to designated areas and cross the street with the crossing guard.

Car Riders

Student s who are car riders leave t he building through the rear cafeteria doors. We ask that all parents remain in their cars. Please follow the map and instructions given at the beginning of t he year.



Students riding bikes to school must follow NJ State Law regarding helmets. Upon entering the school property students are to walk their bikes to the bike rack by the office window. Written permission by parents is required for bike riders.  


Change of Transportation

The school must be notified by the parent or guardian if the child is going home other than the usual procedure. Children will not be permitted to go home with other children or adults without parental notification. This also applies to children attending sports activities from school. Coaches are not to be relied on for transportation. Coaches at sporting events will be responsible for team members only.

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